3 Reasons Why I’m in Love

First, I was born out of love.

I maybe born outside marriage, my parents have not planned me but my mother told me, I’m not an accident; for in the book of Genesis, God is the Creator of man for a plan and a purpose, plans that will prosper me and will never harm me. I know I am loved even before I was born. God planned me and so I was born out of love.

Second, I’m not unloved.

Quoting the lyrics of the YFC Song, All For You – “Love came down to save, pierced and crucified, conquered death, gave new life, it saved my soul now I’m alive.” All because of the love of Jesus Christ, I live not in darkness but in light. However dark my past is, how bitter it was when I met Christ He made alot of difference. His love let me live in the present with gladness and praise, to be as sweet as honey with a heart as light as a feather. And everytime I see that cross where love gave His life for me somehow I felt unworthy but not unloved.

Lastly, I have no reason to be in the opposite.

  • If I hate my parents for letting me grow up alone, will it prosper me? I don’t think so. I just can’t hate my parents for I love them so much even though it was hard for me to grow up without them. I can’t blame them for they were merely actors of a tragic beginning of a beautiful plot written and directed by God -my life. It was written “Honor your father and your mother” and it was the first commandement with a promise.
  • If I hate all those people who have hurt me, will it take away the pain?  Ofcourse not, for even Science can’t produce an analgesic for emotional pain.
  • If I hate myself for not getting all the things that I want, will I be satisfied?  It was said that: “The only person in this world that can diminish you is yourself” so how could and why would I hate myself? This is my only life, it seems to be a disaster but it’s beautiful, a beautiful disaster. And if I couldn’t love myself then how can others love me?
  • Lastly, If I hate God for all the sad things that happen to me, will I be happy? My answer is also a question,”How can I hate someone who loves me so much?” and “How can hating makes someone happy?”

Now, I ended up without a single reason to be in the opposite of being in love.

I’m happy in love, I’d stay in love.

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