Why we love Cy!

*This blog is supposed to be my 20th birthday gift to Cy, unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish this (and now she’s turning 24). Finish or not, it’s my thoughts that counts… haha… Cy, this is for you. Happy 20th Birthday! hehe… 🙂


1. Cy hates CATS…

“Yung pusa papasok!, yung pusa papasok!…” that was Cy’s scream when she saw a cat entering Aireene’s house during our teambuilding, there we found out that she dislikes cats, and everytime she sees cats she gets irritated…poor cats! (Cash, Cys’ brother,  also don’t like cats.)

2. Cy loves DOGS!

If Cy hates cats then she definitely loves dogs, she has a puppy named Casel (I’m not sure about the name).

3. Cy is Cash little sister…

When  asked who are the people that inspires her in service, Cy’s first answer is no other than Cash, she really looks up to her Kuya Cash, every decision that Cy has to make she consults her brother first and Cash is always there to support her one and only little sister.

*There are supposed to be 17 more reason why we love you Cy (for this blog of course), but this is not the end yet. I know there are more reasons why we love you, and it’s definitely countless. 🙂

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