Faces of me…

The Adventurous in me: Conqueror and Survivor.

The Pocahontas in me: Strong, Fierce, but Sweet. 🙂

The Child in me: Funny and Cute

The angel in me: a gift from God.

The student in me: Studious but not a nerd, servant and a leader.

The Nurse in me: Responsible and Caring

The athlete in me: Sporty and Goal-oriented.

The traveler in me: Just like globe – Go lang ng Go! 🙂

The pet lover in me: Bitten by a dog and snake, sting by jellyfish and bees. Pandas and Fishes are the only animals I could ever love.

The musician in me: my music has two destinations, first to the walls of the CR when I take a bath, and to the heavens through praise and worship.

The researcher and writer in me: Brave and Bold. Honest and Sincere.

The dancer in me: Graceful and Smooth.

The artist in me: Attractive and Authentic.

The bride in me: Patient and Faithful. 🙂

The Daughter in me: Loving, Obedient, and Respectful.

The sister in me: Supportive and Protective. 🙂

The Best friend in me: Keeper, Trustworthy, Dependable. 🙂

The work mate in me: Stress free.

The victorious sister in me: Simply Hilarious and Funny. 🙂

Whoever I am in the face of different people, there is only one person in me that I could never live without, and that is…

Christ in me.