Noah’s Math

After Grounded as I meet my Victory Group girls, I asked how their week was and all of them said something about the subject Math and how they battled through it in the past school week. When Ate Rina joined the group and said we are about to have a game; and us knowing that Noah’s Ark was the topic, I opened my Bible, searched some facts about the Ark, shared it to the girls, and we memorized it.

Here is our discovery:

Noah’s Ark – 450 feet long, 45 feet high, and 75 feet wide. – Genesis 6: 15

Noah’s Ark

Ending, we played something with coins, not really connected to the Ark but was connected to Noah’s perseverance. We are not victorious in the game, but we discovered something common in all of us this week, our common ground  – Math (we hate it, we love it, and together we will survive it, in perseverance and in God’s grace).

Now, we call our group as “The Mathematicians”.

The Mathematicians that multiply my happiness every Saturday.

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