Like an unborn child.

A personal reflection on Psalm 24

Let me sing (write) this lines, “I have nothing, nothing, nothing, if I don’t have you.”

Indeed, I own nothing or should I say no one owns anything. Even David, a King, said, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Psalm 24:1)

I have witnessed countless miracles, a childbirth, many times; and the only beautiful thing that I love to see during deliveries (normal or via Cesarean section) is the coming out of a baby covered with flood and sometimes with poop. What’s beautiful with that? It’s gross, right? But for me, it’s beautiful as it humbles me that all humans came out of this world with nothing. No one came out of the womb with gold in his head, even Jesus was born disgustingly in a manger.

A newborns first cry is his/her first own breath to survive here on earth. As the cord was clamped and cut from our mother’s, we will live on our own, breath on our own, and feed on our own.

I have witnessed several deaths too. It’s very painful to see our patients die, but even death humbles me, for every time we do the post mortem care and send our patients to the morgue, their bodies doesn’t have status anymore; they don’t own anything anymore, all they have is a lifeless body.

We came to earth with nothing at birth, and we leave the earth with nothing at death.

I believe, even though we are born already, we must live a life like an unborn child  inside our mother’s womb –  in God’s Kingdom, under His care; and that as long as we are with Him, we don’t need to cry to breathe on our own, we don’t have to open our mouths to be fed.

Within His Lordship, we all have what we need, for He is our King and He owns everything.

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