Like a good Lawyer

A personal reflection on Psalm 119  

Honestly, reading Psalm 119 almost made me sleep, I thought it is unending, but the great message of this for me is that God’s laws are equal to His promises.

Like a good lawyer someday (In Jesus name), I want to memorize and know all the laws of the lands by heart, but more than that I must first know by heart, be grounded, and obey the laws that my Father has given me.


If I delight myself in the study of the laws of this world then yes I will be a good lawyer, but more so, if I delight myself in the laws of the Father, He will bless me more than the desires of my heart.

As we delight, as we learn, meditate, and keep His laws in our hearts and live in obedience to His laws then surely, as He promised, He will gives us deliverance, sustenance, wisdom, salvation, and  the fullness of life.

In living and loving God’s laws, surely, we will never walk in our darkness, for it is written:

105 Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.

Allow me to share my notes on reading this lengthy Psalm on laws.

Love this

Gain this


Light and Life


Delight and Deliverance




Sustenance and Salvation



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