On Tea and Bucks.

Last Tuesday night, my mentor, Ate Rina asked me if I want a Serenitea, I was hesitant to say, “Yes” because I really don’t know  if I really want a tea.

I haven’t  bought a Serenitea product yet for the following reasons:


1) My taste buds are just created differently (I think it has its own brains),  it dictates me on what and what’s not to eat and drink. I’m so choosy when it comes to food and drinks, my friends can attest to that. I’m afraid that it won’t like the milk tea or it will love the taste.


2) I protect the contents of  my wallet. My allowance in a day now is just half of my allowance in College. And thinking about it closely, 1 glass can make me a 1-book richer already (There are books that cost 170++.) I’ll elaborate more on this reason later.

3) I hate getting addicted. Reason number 1 can explain this. When you give some thing to my buds and  it liked it, surely, it will want more. The food that my buds are into:  itlog, pandesal, at kape.

These are the food that I can’t live a day without.


4) I’m just not in to tea because I’m more of a coffee-type of person. Yes, if I have an addiction to any chemical that this world has to offer, I think that is with caffeine. My system crave for it, and the only days that I can say No to Coffee is during Prayer and Fasting, I can still trade this cravings for more important things.

I was in my Elementary days when our neighbor would asked me to taste his coffee, I liked it so much that I would ask Mamang to make one for me, but she forbid me to drink. Our neighbor died while he was having his coffee, he had a heart attack; and since then, Mamang would threatened me that if I drink coffee, I would die like our neighbor. (I wasn’t a nurse back then and I don’t see myself becoming one at that time).

Growing up, I hated coffee, I didn’t like it even just the smell of it. I just started drinking coffee, again, when I entered College. My degree demands me to stay up late at night in reading so many books and  during graveyard shifts in the hospital.  Mamang already passed away, so no one forbids me to drink coffee.  She died of a heart attack too, and she’s not a coffee lover; my hypothesis: Coffee drinker or not, no one can escape a heart attack. 


When Starbucks came into the picture of me falling in love again with coffee, it created a major major change.

My allowance in College ranges 300-500 pesos a day, and how much is a tall frappe?  150++

So I spent half of my allowance in just a cup of coffee a day.

  On my very first job, I think , I spent more than 30% of my  salary for coffee.  My office place  is surrounded by not just one, but I don’t know how many, there are just so many Starbucks in Makati that I can’t help myself to  stop and drink.

When Gong Cha opened its branch in Glorietta, one of my detours every day from work, I really can’t help myself but to try (Though I haven’t tried it even until now.)

I remember one time, me and my office mates where in G4, I decided to give in to my craving, the line was so long that I asked one of my office mates to buy a Gong Cha for me, he misinterpreted it, he thought I was asking him to treat me, so he didn’t buy for me. It was, I think, a good misinterpretation because maybe if he did bought me one, I’m addicted to it as well.

The following day, he apologized and treated me with a Starbucks coffee and donut because he thought I was mad at him.

In the end, I asked sorry too with my poetry.

See?  I almost lost one friend because of my immature cravings. Good thing we are both humble and we both know what each other wants, mine is a Starbucks coffee and his is  anything that can make him head over heels.

But what’s with Starbucks? I don’t know, they say, It’s the best coffee in the Planet. I still drink coffee in Starbucks and that won’t change not unless they run out of coffee. However, knowing the value of  money (the real bucks) and my problem with discipline in terms of cravings, the daily cup of Starbucks coffee was lessened to weekly Tall Mocha Latte and now 1-2 visits at Starbucks a month will do.  I still drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, but it shouldn’t mean that it will cost me half of my daily allowance or even greater in percentage than my tithes.

“Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something & you don’t talk back.” -WK Hope

The value of discipline when it comes to satisfying one’s cravings should almost always walk hand in hand with knowing the worth of every bucks.   My relationship to Starbucks did satisfy me but I know I have to let go. It wasn’t easy yet for my own good and the value of every sweat to gain a penny, an expensive coffee or tea made me think twice even thrice before tasting for all addiction started in a one-time taste.

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

-Hebrews 12:11

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