Marked in Mark

The Gospel of Mark

Who is the author?

As per my research, historians are not really sure of Mark’s identity, but most agree that he was a friend of the apostle Peter, and  Mark obtained all the information that he wrote from Peter himself.


What does the Gospel of Mark says?

According to my research, this Gospel is a story of secrecy although I really don’t go into deep research why it is called as such (I will ask our Pastor first, I am a little bit confuse with my research). I also found out one thing that separates this Gospel from the rest – this Gospel is the shortest and the fast tracked among the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Most of the stories written here are summary of the other stories found in other Gospels.

Mark emphasizes the good news of Jesus ministry of salvation. He is clear about the deity of Jesus but also goes to great length to show His humanity. It is the actions of Jesus that indeed moved Mark in his writings but he did not neglect the teachings of Jesus.

Having taken lengthy notes in Luke, allow me now to share God’s messages for me as I tracked with the Gospel of Mark.

I usually don’t use my highlighter for my Bible, for I only used it in my school books; but then I realized that I must also study and meditate on the word of God so I marked the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and out of my abundance and delight in His words, I again (by privilege) share it here in my blogs.

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