Crack It. Break It. Scramble It. Now Stop It.

      I started to care for my skin just last year (December 2011) when I had the most dreadful disease in my body – Chickenpox! And since then, I started to carefully assess everything that would come out in my skin, but after chickenpox, I started to have frequent unidentified skin rashes/ allergies. I’m not so used to this stuff because as far as I know I only have 1 allergy and that is allergic rhinitis. But I never really care too much with these rashes not until it lasted for more than 2 weeks already, my neck area and arms become so dry and flaky, and my skin have cracks! As much as I thank God for the designer of turtle neck blouses for cover ups, I also asked Him for my skin, which happened only for the second time; first was during my Chickenpox days.

When I can’t bear to see my skin with cracks anymore, I told my mom to accompany me to the derma. And my mom, being a nurse, doesn’t even look at my skin to assess instead she said, “Nurse ka, alam mo kung anong dapat gawin diyan. Tigilan mo na ang scrambled egg at chicken.” (You’re a nurse, you know what to do with that. Stop eating scrambled egg and chicken.)

Hearing that, my heart was broken. I was about to answer mom with this, “Ano na lang kakainin ko?” (What shall I eat?) But, I know my mom is right, I’m having scrambled eggs everyday and this isn’t good.

   Saying No to scrambled eggs is such a SCRAMBLING temptation. I am tempted every day, but I resisted. Every time, I see the one who sells scrambled eggs in the office, I would tell myself, “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Don’t let God live in a body with a skin full of cracks.”

A week have passed and my skin is almost back to normal, yet my cravings and struggles with eggs remained. I know I can still eat scrambled eggs, but now I should eat in moderation. The Bible says, “Every thing  is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”

Now I have to stop having scrambled eggs daily. I need a motivation to stop, so I must bear these things in mind so that when a scrambled egg tempted me, I know what it will cost me:

1. Bloating, vomiting, flatulence and other stomach problems. Poorly or semi-cooked eggs increase the risk of  food borne illness and salmonella, which causes food poisoning.

2. Hypernatremia (High Sodium level in the blood). Egg whites are high in sodium as a medium egg white contains about 403 mg of sodium.

3. High blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments. An egg yolk consists of about 200 mg of cholesterol, which is considerably high.

4. Fats. A whole egg contains 90 calories.

5. Allergies. Eggs is one of the 9 most common allergens.

Now, need I say more?

As  scrambled eggs satisfy my cravings  every day it also ruins the protection of my body and  so I have to stop this habit. Ciao daily Scrambled Eggs, I’ll see you  twice a week!

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