Alive and Living

Chapter 12

27 “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

If God is dead then where does my worship goes? Will He hear it? No, so my worship is worthless then. If God is dead then to whom does my prayers go? If God is dead then my prayers will forever be unanswered. But I’m grateful that Jesus said that God is alive, He conquered death and that makes my faith alive too. My worship and prayers will never be unheard for the God that I am worshiping is surely alive; and as long as I live, He will be my God and my worship will never ends. If someone stupid would say to me that He is dead; I will just say, God is the source of life then how can He lose His very own life? 

Lord, thank You for being alive for me. Thank you for the life that You have given me in Christ. Indeed, as long as I am living You will be my God, and I shall worship no other gods than You. I love you. 

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