Just G!

It’s been a year since the first time I join a Singles Victory Group in VCF Alabang, and I can still remember freshly the woman whom I first partnered with when we break out in prayer. It was Jeanette or G, who is now my B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever or Best and Faithful Financer.. haha).

It was March when we first met, and it was her birth month! So, I really take this time to greet and honor my babe” for her 23rd Birthday and our 1st Anniversary as friends in my own unique and humble way (because I cannot really give a tangible gift for now).

jee and i

Here’s our second picture together during her birthday party last year. (I don’t know where is the 1st one, but I’m sure it’s with Ate Bianca, our VG mate.)

As far as I can remember, she was also water baptized in March last year. So, here’s another reason to honor her, 1st Birthday in Christ, a year of honoring God and making disciples! 

It’s just a year since we’re together but it feels like a lifetime already. She was there in all my ups and bumps, and I can’t thank God enough for giving me her as a friend, mentor and classmate. By the way, we will graduate again under the same course (our 3rd) next week!

Without further ado, here’s my little way of honoring her…


Once upon a vintage time, a woman worthy to be praised was born…

A beloved daughter of the King of all kings…

A princess in words and actions…

Clothed with modesty and majesty…

As precious as the pearls in the ocean is her heart down deep…

A hidden treasure chest is her kind and gentle spirit…

Sparkling as the diamonds are her  smiles…

More precious than silver and gold to her family…

More loyal and loving than a dog to her friends…

Survivor of the storms of life, love and lies..

A Proverbs 31 woman…

A Fighter of the unseen enemies…

A Faithful soldier of the Most High.


I want to honor you not for the things that you have done and shared to me but simply for who you are. Knowing a faithful friend and a sister like you for a year, which feels like ages already, is indeed a blessing to me.

So, I’ll stick with you even if your teeth looks like this…

or your eyes become like these…

or your hair becomes the color of corns…

and even if you look more terrible than an alien..

I’ll stay with you, and together we’ll finish whatever race…

Spread more colors in this world…

And, share more fun and beautiful memories in our next years of victorious friendship and sister love.

I Love You Babe! Happy Happy Birthday! May God bless you more!




Because I cannot afford a tangible ukelele and I only sing by faith, which means I can’t serenade you or else I’ll ruin your day.. Here’s the ukelele chord for your favorite song, A Thousand Years.

And, here’s a song for you…

I Did. (But I Wouldn’t Now)

Going home from my cousin’s condo early morning wearing shorts, which is not actually too short, when older women stares at me kinda like judging. On my mind was, what’s with wearing a not-so-short shorts?  Then I remembered what my grandmothers usually told me when it’s Holy Week – not to wear shorts, not to go out of the house, not to play, not to get any wound because it won’t heal, etc. etc.  Maybe that’s whats going on inside their heads.

However, as obedient as I was when I was a little girl, I realized that I do not live my life with religion anymore, there are no more do’s and don’ts over my life, for I know and believe as Jesus said, “It is done.” I can wear shorts as long as my conscience is clear that I am modest enough not to show any hint of immorality or be a stumbling block to others. There are lot of things that I did as a child during this so-called Holy Week that I won’t do again.

Here are the things that I did (but I wouldn’t now)  during Holy Week:

1.  Going to cathedrals or buildings that house the church of God or the so-called Visita Iglesia. Why? Because it is said that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and God is everywhere; I can call and pray to Him anytime. I don’t need to travel much or go in and out of buildings to pray. I can visit His churches by fellowship with people who have Jesus Christ in their lives, for they are the real churches.

2. Hearing the 7 last words. I remember  my younger days when I have to sit for long hours, just to listen to those words, and I always cry remembering the death of Jesus. His last words are indeed worth reminiscing, but I realized that Jesus’ last words were actually these… “go and make disciples of all nations…” before He ascended to heaven. I know that those 7 words were referring to His words before He died, but He rose again.

3.  Watching the washing of the feet. I loved this! Why? Because Kuya  Jong was always one of the apostles, and it always give him the pressure to clean and scrub his feet because the whole town will see his feet being washed. I’m not going to watch this anymore because I’d rather focus more on how to serve God’s people  than simply watching it, but it’s a good picture to remember though; it’s one of the greatest example of servant leadership and humility.

4. Following the station of the Cross. Under the heat of the sun, I loved to follow all those people who persevered to walk through the different stations. However, no matter how good it is to feel and walk with Jesus with His sufferings as He carry His cross to calvary, I realized that I walk with Him daily and that feels much better. Furthermore, I follow Him and carry His cross daily whether under the heat or under cold weather.

5. Believing that Jesus Christ is dead for a day.  I asked myself, does it mean I’m dead as well for a day? For I call myself a Christian, meaning without Christ  I am nothing. Without Him, I’m dead. We remember Christ’s birth during Christmas and we REMEMBER His death for all of us but to think and believe that He is dead for a particular day is far different because JESUS IS NOT DEAD. HE IS SURELY ALIVE.

6. Singing and dressing like an angel. I won’t do it again because I’m not a little girl anymore, and there was really no angels during the time that Jesus and Mary meet after His resurrection. But, I loved doing these before even if it means I have to wake up at 4am for the Salubong.

7. Looking for eggs on Easter. This was my most awaited event of the year when I was a child aside from Christmas because aside from the Easter egg hunts that we have in the park for all the children in the village, we also have our own hunt at home with chocolates hidden by our grandparents for me and my cousins only.  But, there is no Easter bunny in the Bible! When Jesus resurrected, no one hides eggs and asked the children to search for it.

Now, here are the things I observed some people do during Holy Week that I’m sure I will never ever do:

1. Hitting my back with cat-o-nine tails. Aside from the fact that it hurts so much, the reason behind why they do it hurts my ears as well. Why? Because some of them said that it is how they repent. Once a year? With that? The purpose why Jesus Christ came is to spare us from that kind of suffering! He don’t want us to suffer that way because He love us. He offered His body as a sacrifice. God is pleased not just with our sacrifices but with our obedience. Like the Catholic Church, I’m not really against this practice. But, I believe it is always better to repent everyday than to repent one time big time with that.

2. Nailing myself on the Cross.  I praise the Lord for my Catholic Theology in my younger days because I get to know the apostle Peter and all the other martyrs well. The principle behind the inverted cross of Peter was he don’t feel he’s worthy of the same way of death with Jesus. See? An apostle of Jesus felt that he’s not worthy to die such way, and here we are trying to imitate the death of Christ nailing ourselves to that cross. Jesus Christ died once and for all! This is not the kind of repentance or sacrifice that God wants, He longs for us. He wants our whole hearts not our pierced hands.

Now, I reach the end of my piece with what I won’t do this Holy Week. Maybe some of you will say, “You’re not a Catholic so you really won’t do those things, you won’t understand us.” My response to that will be, I praise God that I  was raised a Roman Catholic. Am I excommunicated? I don’t think so. I’d been singing Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare for more than two decades now and I still live the way it means. Attending a different congregation with different set of beliefs and practices doesn’t make me forget who I was – a girl raised by the RVM and Dominican sisters.

So, what will I do this week? God said, “Be holy for I am holy”. God did not said any particular day for holiness. Therefore, we ought to be holy every single day and every single week. I live every day as Christmas, being grateful for the coming of Jesus. I live every day remembering that Jesus died the death I should have died. I live every day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, knowing that He conquered death for me.

How about you? How do you spend this week? Whether its for vacation or nailing yourself at the cross, remember that in whatever you do, God sees your heart. Please Him and not men neither yourself.

Beyond looks and condition

This poem was first published in my Facebook account dated February 20, 2013. Forgot to post this here as well.

I don’t know what’s with me yesterday, but I woke up thinking of my future husband, maybe it’s because I’m reading compiled stories of different missionaries and how they survived in foreign countries with their families, so I started praying for my future family, yet I ended up praying for the things that I want from a husband, so I asked God to change my heart and let His will be done over my desires then I write a poem for my husband-to-be. I believe, years from now, he’ll be reading this with a big smile on his face.

Beyond looks and condition 

Today, I am longing for you deeply

Thinking of who you are personally,

You may not be that handsome

But I hope with you there is no boredom,

I pray that we’ll share a lot of things

That will make our togetherness interesting,

I hope your stare can make me smile

And take my heartbeat for awhile,

I hope that you have a not-so-dark complexion

But still look like a chocolate temptation,

And that your body is built like a hunk

Whom I can rest like a smooth rock,

I hope you’ll be like a magnet to me

Attracting my attention and thoughts daily,

I hope that just by seeing you will make my day

Making me feel swept away,

Not being my ideal won’t make me fret

And I’ll submit to you without regret,

Whether you’re not that attractive

Or a little bit insensitive,

I may not like your looks

Or not being a lover of books,

Whatever you’re like, I really won’t care

Be it tall, dark, or whatever,

We may not look good together

But I promise not to choose another,

For I know that we are God’s perfect creation

Made to love beyond looks and condition.