#6 Live thy names!

Yesterday, as I was sitting in my comfort throne (toilet seat) early morning, I remembered “Jovani” – the  name given to me by God in a dream during my lowest point in life last year; it means “God’s grace or God is gracious”.

Me: God, I think I need Jovani now. Is he a human God or you’re just reminding me of the meaning of the name?

God: What’s your name?

Me: God, I’m serious. What’s with Jovani? or Who is Jovani?

God: What’s your name?

Me: God naman eh… My name is Ramona… OwwEemMGeee!! I am Faye! And, it means Faith! God, is that the reason why you’re asking my name? You want me to live by my name? Yes God! I will! I will! You’re so awesome God!

God: I am God who made wonders, remember? (Psalm 40:5)

Me: Yes, You are, and You’re so sweet. God, if Jovani is a man then we’re so meant to be. “For it is by God’s grace (Jovani) you have been saved, through faith (Faye)–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” – Ephesians 2:8

But even if he’s not a man God, thanks for reminding me that You are gracious and that I should increase my faith, for it is only by it that I can have Jesus – my ever sweet lover. ❤

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