Dress Your Family!

Book: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

Author: David Sedaris

Where to Buy: Leading bookstores

This book is brilliantly hilarious! I had a lot of laugh-all-by-myself moments while reading this book. The author is awesomely genius in compiling different events of his life with his family, making me regret that I was not able to write down the not-so-best yet one-in-a-million moments that I had with mine. Not all writers can mix wit, humor and heart, so I salute Mr. Sedaris for being one who made it possible.

This book is purely a compilation of different events, no intertwined stories here. Moreover, what makes me interested with this book is how the author shared his family, mind, heart and soul in this piece of literature.

I really don’t have much to share about this book aside from the laughter that I had flipping its pages, encouragement that you should read this if you want to see your family differently, and my applause to the author for being very fantastic. However, allow me to share here some lines that signaled a light bulb in my neurons and deserved a space in my journal of words for the brains.

“If finding an apartment is like falling in love, buying one is like proposing on your first date and agreeing not to see each other until the wedding.”

I’d read those lines thrice, I think, before moving on with the succeeding sentences. The author wrote these as he shares his feelings before moving in to a new apartment. Finding an apartment and falling in love, two actions that seems nothing to have in common to be connected as this one, but Mr. Sedaris made it. Brilliant!

Those two things do not really relate to me, for I know that the only reason for me to find an apartment is when my mom kicks me out of the house if I ever fall in love and decide to be with a man than with her. But, I realized that I don’t look like a two-bedroom flat, my worth is far better than that, so I won’t accept any proposal on a first date, and I won’t go into a wedding with a groom whom I only happen to meet once.

Well, in line with weddings, here are the lines that come from a psychic who ministered the wedding of the author’s brother. I find these lines very sweet to be part of a vow. However, remembering the fact that it came from a psychic who does tarot card or palm reading, I opted not to or else my soon-to-be Christian groom become a runaway one.

 “This love cannot be bought in a store. It cannot be found under a tree, beneath a shell, or even in a treasure chest buried centuries ago on the historic islands that surround us.”

A beach wedding is my dream one, so I really liked those lines, but I know I can make a sweeter one with God’s wisdom too. Hurrah for Mr. Sedaris for remembering and sharing this! I just hope that when my brothers’ get married, a pastor will minister to them and not a poetic psychic.

As I said, I don’t have much to share with this book, but allow me to share the best lesson I learned after reading this.

I only have one family in this world; I may have a very different one compared to the regular nuclear families for I have one real mom, one stepdad, two brothers, a dog and a snake at home, two other siblings with my one real dad whom I never met yet, and deceased legal adopted parents giving me three legal sisters and one legal brother. As peculiar as my family life looks like, they are and will always be my treasured possession. We had good and not so good days, memories and events in life that we faced together and apart, but the only thing that I’ll be always grateful for is the fact that they are my family no matter what happen and no matter how odd they or we are.

I pray that like me, after you read Mr. Sedaris’ Dress Your Family, you will be able to appreciate your own and treasure them just as they are. Remember that our family should be our first ministry, and we ought to love them even if they don’t seem to be lovable.

“If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?” – 1 Timothy 3:5


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