The Power of Claiming It!

(Late post)

As I was reviewing my previous tweets, I saw this thread last January between me and my previous office mates then Architect interns Nelson and Jonathan.


This was after they took their Architecture Licensure Exams

I called them Architects at that time because I already claim that they are. I did not just pray that Lord will bless my friends to pass their boards, but my prayer was like this:

Lord, I know that these men are really good Architects, so I claim that they will have their licenses soon. I also believe that they will top and excel in their board exams. I claim these things in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt…” – James 1:6

After weeks of praying and a day of fast before their exams, the results came out and Nelson topped the exam!


I was so happy and proud for Nelson when I saw this!

And, here’s the list of my awesome Architect friends that I prayed for, who passed their Licensure Exams, the newest batch of Architects:

Arch. Jet De La Rosa

Arch. Nelson Roquero

Arch. Johanna Co

Arch. Adrian Tumang

Arch. Angelo Ramos

However, I’m not so sure if Jonathan passed, but for me, he will always be one of the best Architects in this world! More to pray for the Architects Board Exams this coming June. 🙂

Congrats Architects!

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