I really miss blogging! I’m an absentee in this blog for soooooo loooonngggg due to the adjustments that I had in my new chosen path plus the back-to-back long travels that I had.

Many of my friends have been asking me to write about certain topics, and I said that I’ll be writing about them soon, now that I have the time to write again. I also realized that I owe a lot of blog posts to different people now about my recent travels, adventures and misadventures, book and movie reviews, etc. (I’ll try to post all of these blog posts sooner folks!)

Coming back, I decided to officially change the web domain of my blog site. As announced last year, in my 100th blog post, I’ll be using my name Ram Alicarte as the official domain. (A faith goal checked for me!)   However, this domain, will still be up, so my blog posts here will still be visible. is now officially running, and I would like to give all the credits to NurseHussein, a colleague and a good friend, who set up this blog site for me. (Thank you very much H!) Do visit his website for any health-related issues. Nurse is a trusted source (and friend too)!

I believe this will be my last post in this domain. So to all my readers, many thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and liking my blog posts here (that has been a big inspiration for me to write more and to never stop writing). May you continue to read and share my Manna in my new domain.

Officially Running!