Not needing more than that…

A note from a prayer of a thirteen-year old boy for a young girl’s troubled heart:

“Lord, I pray that she will say in her heart that, ‘Jesus died for me and I don’t need more than that’.” – Migo Austria

So Ladies (Girls and Women), don’t go head over heels when you simply hear the words, “I love you” because the best and perfect love is not found in the spoken romantic words but on the cross with a bleeding Man, who opened His arms wide in forgiving us, wanting us, and loving us despite all the hurts and brokenness He suffered as the cost of His love for us. Know that no man can do that or will do that for you, aside from that man named Jesus of Nazareth. His love for us is more than enough.

So, if someone you like or love doesn’t like or love you back, it doesn’t mean that you are not desirable or unlovable. Remember that you will never be unlovable, for you are the daughter of Love. Love, Himself, even died for you and conquered death to be with you for all eternity.

And, you will never be unloved because the heart of Jesus Christ never stopped beating for you, in desire, mercy and love that is greater than anyone or anything in this world.


Photo grabbed from Google Images