What is Your Biggest Dream in Life?

In my Biology class, I usually give time and opportunity for my students to ask me questions, whether that be my personal life, class-related, current events, hearsay, faith, politics, showbiz, anything under the sun or everything under the Son.

In one class, there’s a personal question that I have a hard time answering. One student asked, “Ma’am, what is your biggest dream in life?”

Basically, the answer to this question will sum up all my desires in this world. To be honest, I realized at that very moment, I do not have any grand dream for my life at all. It can be an awesome wedding or a fruitful married life and career. Or, it can be a PhD degree, my very own published book, a job that I love, or seeing most of the world and the northern lights. However, I can live and die without experiencing and having such things.

So, I respond with a very long pause and replied with,

 I am afraid I do not have any “big dreams”. I have nothing more to dream of. I feel complete already. I am happy and satisfied with my life. BUT, I really want to be with God and see Him face to face, even now I am ready.

My students were silenced by my answer. I told them that I do not fear death in this world. If it is the way that I can be with God, I would gladly welcome it. I even shared to them how I envy someone’s passing away because just the thought of a saint being reunited to his Maker is such a moment I am looking forward to experience myself. I really could not agree more to the apostle Paul, when he wrote:

My desire is to depart and be with Christ for that is far better. – Philippians 1:23

What dream could be even better than to hold hands with God in heaven for all eternity? Surely, there is nothing. So I sing these lines from a song,

There’s nothing more I want

There’s nothing more I need

Than to be with You, Jesus!

If someone has a good grasp of what heaven is and who God is, then even death can be an awesome day to look forward to. After all, death has no sting.

o death where is thy sting

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