It Takes Two to Roll!

Upon going home last Friday, I come across a child sitting on the street with roller blades on his one foot. Basing on the tone of his voice, he was annoyed that he cannot stand properly. This is probably because he cannot use the roller blades on one foot only while with a slipper on another foot. From a distance, I saw another child with roller blades on his one foot as well. He was happily playing if I will base on his looks, but he was struggling, for he was only using roller blades on one foot and slippers on the other.

Seeing them both, partial sharing has been impressed on me. If these children just take turns with the complete pair of roller blades, then both of them could have had the best times playing. They may not play at the same time, but at least they were able to play with the roller blades properly. But since they opted to share the pair, they both struggle.

As an adult, I realized that sometimes we (or, I alone) tend to do the same. I share or give just half and not whole. We reserve some things for ourselves when we give. Instead of sharing or giving fully, we give only a piece and not a whole, and sometimes, we even share half-heartedly. In return, we ended up struggling with what we choose to keep for ourselves.

The question, “What’s in it for me?” has become so normal to being a human.  However, that question still seems way better than asking, “What will be left of me when I give?”

Six years ago, I became a part of the so-called most prestigious youth congress in the Philippines, wherein we have been reminded that many are called, but few were chosen (Matthew 22:14).  Yes, we are the chosen few. Moreover, since we have been chosen to receive much, we are also reminded that “to whom much is given, much is also expected in return” (Luke 12:48). This is why the question, “What’s in it for me?” has been a No, No to us.

When there is a call to serve, whether that’s on a Sunday or from a conflict-centered area such as Sulu, we do not hesitate to answer. After all, with great calling comes great responsibility, right Spiderman? We do believe that to serve is always better than anything else, and serving entails a lot of giving, be that of time, talent and even treasures. And when we give, we ought to give nothing but our best.

As a follower of Jesus, I am strongly convinced that I have received the best gifts I could ever have in this world – SALVATION AND ETERNAL LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS. So, instead of struggling to keep things for ourselves or asking what we are to receive in return, we just simply have to look at what Christ has done on the cross for us. It is where He gave His all, so we can have life to the full. In the same way, we are to give our all because we have received in full.

We are to give our all because we have received in full.

I am more than grateful that Christ did not reserve something for Himself when He was destined to sacrifice on the cross. I wonder what will happen to my eternal debts if Jesus had reservations. Will they also be paid in half? If that will be the case, then we will surely be struggling, working our way to heaven. But praise Jesus, for He did not hesitate to give His all, saving nothing for Himself. I pray that we can always do likewise.

Back to the two kids, I admire the fact that as young as they are, they know what sharing is. I just hope and pray that soon they’ll realize that it is better to share the complete pair and play one kid at a time. As the old saying goes, ‘it takes two to tango’. So is with the roller blades, it takes two to roll! 🙂





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