Honor Thy Father

Papang and Me

Photos above are taken on my first birthday, and the lines below are the words I was never able to say to my Father who passed away before I learn the words “I Love You”.


You were already old
And your heart was failing.
You have four grown up children
Yet, you still chose to adopt me.

You’ve given me your first and last name
And made sure everyone gets to know me before you die.
You called me your own
And considered me your “manna”.

We may have limited photos
in the two years that we are together.
But these are all enough
To show that you are my father.

Pang, you held me in your arms
You helped me stand
You made sure I won’t fall
And you taught me how to walk.

You’ve left me your books,
your journals, home furnitures,
and bottles of Black Label,
reminding me of your good taste (making me choose likewise).

What in this world an adopted child

could have asked for more from a Father?
I can only wish that you lived longer

and witnessed all I have and become.


I couldn’t say that you raised me well

or that you can be proud of me.
But you’ve raised my elder sisters and brother
and they made sure you will be proud of your adopted child (as they stand as my guardians).


You will always be my Father, Pang!
My two-page Birth Certificate, my IQ level,

my Chinese attributes and our somehow matched DNAs
would suffice to prove that.


I love you Pang! I’ll do my very best to honor you and Mamang in every way I can.

Happy Father’s Day up there! 🙂