I can Only Hope: An Open Letter to my Grade 11 Earth Science students

Today, we reach the end of our Earth Science class. As your teacher, I can only hope for the best of you and your future.

I hope you learn from our lessons and the activities we have in this subject. More importantly, I hope you will apply all these learning in your life.

I hope that every time you look at the stars at night, you will remember the gases that formed it and the supernova that will end its life.

I hope that as you walk on rocks, you will remember that it is not only there for us to step on; it contains minerals and even our Earth’s history.

I hope that whenever it rains, you’ll remember why it has to fall.

I hope that when you’re out on a beach and it’s very hot, you’ll recall how the heat of the sun takes away the waters of our oceans and how it will return again to us.

I hope that you will not only see land as something dirty, instead you will appreciate and take care of it to prevent weathering, erosion, and mass wasting.

I hope that you travel someday and see a lot more of our Earth, and the universe even more. As you do so, I hope when you see Mayon Volcano or any mountain, you will remember how it was formed and the endogenic processes that made the mountains stand.

I hope that when you cross oceans, you will remember that underneath the deep blue seas are ridges and seafloor that spreads due to the intense heat beneath the crust.

I hope that you’ll visit other countries and continents, and remember that the world’s land pieces were once together. And someday, it will get back together.

I hope you’ll remember how vast our expanding universe is and where in this vastness you belong.

I hope you’ll always remember that if the stars are born with such precision (not just by any luck or any chance), you were also created with a reason and perfection.

And if, the rocks exist for an awesome purpose, then you as a human has all the more reason to live and not just exist.

I hope you will see and appreciate the Earth more than what you learned from our class.

I hope you’ll realize that the Earth is the only planet where humans live….

…and it’s the only planet with oxygen, chocolates and love. 🙂

Lastly, I hope one day when you have seen and explored more of the Earth, you’ll be able to remember me and say to yourself, “’eto pala yung pinag-aralan namin sa Earth Science ni Miss Ram.”

I can only teach you the basics and what the books and researches have said. But honestly, I know that what I shared with you in class are not (and will never be) enough.

You’ll never know the Science of the Earth, until you learn to explore it yourself.

– Teacher Ram