Same Time Last Year

Same time last year, I received a prophecy. It was a declaration from God, telling me of a new and blooming season.

Same time last year, I started going back to school, as one of the full-time scholars in DLSU-Manila under the Ford Foundation.

Same time last year, I was determined with improving my body — went back to the gym.

Same time last year, I started investing on make-ups.

Same time last year, I spent majority of my weekends volunteering in the church ministry and youth empowerment.

Same time last year, I was discipling young women to walk in love with Lord.

Same time last year, I was putting up creative ideas for this website.

Same time last year, I was preparing for my 28th birthday.

Same time last year, I started telling my friends about a “man” I’m starting to like.

This year, I’m turning a year older…

– entering a fruitful season

– finishing my last term in DLSU-Manila

– with so much weight gain

– and eyebags (no more time for concealers)

– in hiatus with the ministry and social advocacies

– still inspiring young girls to raise and keep their standards high (according to the ways of the Lord)

– keeping up with this website

– preparing for my coming 29th birthday

– AND marrying the man I started to like same time last year.

But, there’s something MORE with what happened same time last year.

Same time last year, I was focused in balancing my work, studies, self-improvement, and advocacies. All of these things at once, when suddenly, my attention was caught by a man. I started thinking of him countless of times in a day and speaking about him to anyone I converse with.

Same time last year, my heart was overwhelmed by this man that I started to pray to God concerning him. I told God that if this man is not good for me, then He should take him out of my way (every day). To my surprise, God did move him out of my way.

Same time last year, I was selfish to tell God that I really want this man, but He already took him away. God just answered my prayers, right? But, it hurts.

Same time last year, I was sort of heartbroken because my “crush” whom I never get the name, was already gone. Ouch!

Same time last year, I was about to move on and accept that God did not want me to know that man.

Same time last year, I told God my birthday prayer — I want the same man (who was gone) to return and ask for my name. I’m really pushy and hardheaded at times. (Don’t imitate me young ladies.)

Same time last year, God proved that His delays are not His denials. I’ve met the man I liked on the night of my birthday, just liked how I prayed for.

This year, I’m marrying the man I’d prayed for and patiently waited for.

So many things did happen in a year. I had to sacrifice a lot of things, but God is faithful. The losses are nothing compared to the gains.

Same time last year, I was a praying single woman. This year, I am a praying fiancé. Next year, I will be a prayerful wife.

The prophecy of God last year of a blooming season of flowers is now about to be fulfilled.

What’s next after the flowers? The fruits! I can’t help but be expectant and hopeful, knowing that God is there in all of my life’s seasons.

Photos are taken by Ram Marcelo Photography