My published articles in Starfish E-Magazine

The Confessions of an Editor-In-Chief

I must admit I’m an Editor-in-Chief without good experience, a little bad in English, and wasn’t able to write for years…

Suddenly I found myself grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote this confession. It made me reflect and realize that I am writing as the writer I once was. A habit may come and go but our passion remains; all it needs is a little spark to keep the fire burning, a simple idea for a good piece of literature.

More of my Confessions at

My Incredible Bosses and why I quit my first job

I may not use my license as a nurse working in this company; I may not practice what I learned in College, the board of nursing may considered me part of the underemployed for not practicing my profession, but I never regret all the days of my stay in this company, working with the people who are the best in my weakness…

Find out how God used the Architects to reveal His masterplans for me at

Life After College

Is a diploma enough to make us a better person and give us a better life or is it just a key to a door of confusions on what we really want in life?  Is our degree enough to fulfill our personal happiness or is it just a title that can be used to call us but not enough to identify who we are? Is our profession enough to make us successful or is it the force driven by our passions that truly makes us fulfilled?

I was blessed to compile the testimonials of 13 fresh College graduates from different fields, see their stories at

More articles for the youth are coming SOON.

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