Going Less Waste

A new lifestyle is underway. And, Yes I’ll be writing more of living sustainably soon. 🌿 Let me start with being mindful of what we put into “Waste”.

The new wife in me is grateful that I got married in the generation where Minimalism, KonMari Method, and Zero Waste Living thrive.

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What Adam Failed to do

Reflection on Chats, Small Talks, and Random Conversations in Dating and Marriage…

In the latter part of our engagement and first months of our marriage, Julius and I started practicing full transparency with each other. We share all the passwords, and we have given each other access to all our social media and bank accounts.

At first it was hard and very difficult for me to have someone read ALL my messages with other people specially those from my previous conversations. I was also scared that he may not understand the context of my conversations and he might judge me based on what I’ve said or who I was communicating with back then. But, I’m so thankful that Julius never judged me for my colorful past life in the same way I accepted his.

However, one thing Julius did after we officially wed is that he “blocked” or removed some people on my Facebook friends list and asked me not to communicate with those people anymore. I believe that He was wise in that action. He also told me not to use some words or phrases when conversing to others most especially to my ‘male’ friends. He told me how inappropriate those words are and that it won’t sound right for a married woman to say such words.

I cannot contest to my husband’s wisdom because the Lord says, “submit to your husband in everything“.😉 (Ephesians 5:24)

As I was studying the account of the first married couple in the Bible, Adam and Eve, I realized that if only Adam forbid his wife from having a small talk with the serpent, then she would not have been lured by it. If only Adam did not fail to stop his wife, then both of them could have been spared from sinning.

What Adam failed to do was to protect his wife from the tempting small talk that caused mankind’s eternal damnation.

With this revelation, I am grateful that my husband protects me and shields me from conversations, be it a deep one or a simple chitchat, that might lead into sin.

Truly, it matters who you marry!

Disclaimer to the SINGLES out there:

There’s a borderline between insecurity and accountability. You should not just share everything that you have to your partner out of transparency reasons or to prevent (treat) jealousy.

Ladies, you are not yet to submit. And Gents, you are not yet to lord. 😊


Apat na Buwan Pa Lang

Apat na buwan pa lang mula nang tayo’y pinag-isa

Sandali pa lang naman pala

Sa pakiramdam ay sobrang tagal na

Apat na buwan na puno nang iyak at tawa

Nasugatan ng malalim pero kinakaya

Masakit man, nagagawa pa rin magsaya

Apat na buwan pa lang, pero tayo’y sinubok na

Parang quota na agad sa sakit at luha

Sobra pa sa iniyak natin sa isang taon na tayo’y mag-jowa

Apat na buwan pa lang na puno nang aral at alaala

Na isusulat ko sa iba’t ibang tula

Upang baunin natin hanggang sa pagtanda

Apat na buwan pa lang sa pangarap nating lima o anim na dekada

Marami pa tayong isasayaw at ikakanta

Hanggang sa daliri mo’y di na kayang mag-gitara

Apat na buwan pa lang tayong mag-asawa

Ang dami na nating malalim na buntong hininga

Buti na lang nasa Diyos ang ating pag-asa

Apat na buwan pa lang tayong nagsisimula

Malayo pa tayo kahit sa gitna

Pagsubok siguro ay marami pa

Apat na buwan pa lang, may habambuhay pa

Wala namang di kakayanin, ‘di ba?

Hanggang kapit natin ang isa’t isa

Apat na buwan pa lang ang lumipas at nawala,

May mga darating na bukas pa

Haharapin natin lahat na magkasama

Apat na buwan pa lang ngayon, Papa

Marami pang buwan at taon na mamahalin kita

Dahil “hanggang wala nang bukas” ang pangako natin sa isa’t isa

and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh – Mark 10:8