Welcome to my overflowing barn!

I am Ram and thank you for visiting my blog site. In this blog, I’m not just sharing pieces of me but the greatest part of me – my provider, my wisdom, and  my everything – GOD. 

This blog is filled with my blessings (Manna) and my personal and spiritual happiness. May you enjoy your time here and may you be blessed.

This is what makes me happy…

I’ve been  a reader at the age of 3 and I love reading books a lot. More than reading, I’m also into writing. I’ve been writing essays, poems, and short stories since I was in 3rd Grade. Sometimes, I regret not being able to compile my writings; but as I embraced a new in life in Christ, I intentionally threw some of my writings away; and the writings here are the only ones left that I really treasured. Reading and writing are the things that I really love to do for it brought intense happiness to me every time.

Pursuing happiness…

I’m a self-confessed bookworm and a scribe; but in the past 5 to 6 years of my life, I’m more of a bookworm. I was so drown with my studies, school activities, ministry, and  acts of nationalism that I forget about my skills for writing. I finished my studies, became a professional nurse, landed on a job, and still do acts of volunteerism, but somehow, I felt like a part of me is missing. I looked back and checked how my life was, recalled what are my gifts and talents are, and realized that I must be back into writing, for the passion is here. Writing is a God-given talent and gift; and as I pursue it, fulfillment and happiness surrounds me as I publish my every piece.

Sharing happiness…

I believe that happiness should not be contained but shared, and so here are my thoughts, experiences, insights, and blessings.



For God’s love and blessings, be filled with Manna.

For some life’s lessons, learn in Life.

For some love stories, take a read in Love

For praising God, sing with Psalms. 

For some of my Starfish E-Magazine Youth Empowerment  articles, check out Published.


Spread Happiness!

I am more than blessed; and with my writings, I hope I can be a blessing. Feel free to share God’s messages and blessings. Share my posts and be a blessing too. Let’s spread His word and happiness!

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