Beyond looks and condition

This poem was first published in my Facebook account dated February 20, 2013. Forgot to post this here as well.

I don’t know what’s with me yesterday, but I woke up thinking of my future husband, maybe it’s because I’m reading compiled stories of different missionaries and how they survived in foreign countries with their families, so I started praying for my future family, yet I ended up praying for the things that I want from a husband, so I asked God to change my heart and let His will be done over my desires then I write a poem for my husband-to-be. I believe, years from now, he’ll be reading this with a big smile on his face.

Beyond looks and condition 

Today, I am longing for you deeply

Thinking of who you are personally,

You may not be that handsome

But I hope with you there is no boredom,

I pray that we’ll share a lot of things

That will make our togetherness interesting,

I hope your stare can make me smile

And take my heartbeat for awhile,

I hope that you have a not-so-dark complexion

But still look like a chocolate temptation,

And that your body is built like a hunk

Whom I can rest like a smooth rock,

I hope you’ll be like a magnet to me

Attracting my attention and thoughts daily,

I hope that just by seeing you will make my day

Making me feel swept away,

Not being my ideal won’t make me fret

And I’ll submit to you without regret,

Whether you’re not that attractive

Or a little bit insensitive,

I may not like your looks

Or not being a lover of books,

Whatever you’re like, I really won’t care

Be it tall, dark, or whatever,

We may not look good together

But I promise not to choose another,

For I know that we are God’s perfect creation

Made to love beyond looks and condition.