While riding a bus from Quezon Ave. to Pasay, I opened my Bible and asked God for His words to share with my fellow MDC Alumni girls for a household/fellowship then I asked God, “Why do I have to live like this? Why can’t I just shut up and not share your words?” I wasn’t ranting; I’m just wondering why am I so passionate to share His words.

God answered me by showing a picture of myself in a familiar green lawn surrounded by nuns, my High School Alma Mater, Maryknoll High School.

He then asked me, “Does it makes sense now? I remember my promises.” (Psalm 105:8)

I almost cry again, but I ended up smiling with our conversation. God just made me remember that I once dreamed to have the title of OP (Order of Preachers) after my name when I was still studying with the Dominican nuns.

I may not have that title, yet God showed me that I’m living as one. Now, it all makes sense. God heard my prayers when I was a little girl, and He just showed me that He answered those prayers.

Laudare (to praise), Benedicere (to bless), Praedicare (to preach) ♥