Move On!


“Why are you crying out to me? … Move on.” – God (Exodus 14:14)

God said those lines to Moses when the Israelites were panicking as the Egyptians cornered them at the Red Sea. As I was reading this, I asked myself, why was God asking the people why they are crying out to Him? Isn’t it natural for men to ask God on what’s happening to them, most especially in that trying time? But then, I realized that this part of our human nature seems unfair to God. We immediately blame others as the reasons of our miseries and sufferings, even God.

Nowadays, it’s so common to hear the most popular two-word advice, “Move On!” However, hearing it from God, I realized that when God said these words, He was like saying, “Why are you blaming me? Why don’t you just continue to go where you’re supposed to be heading?”

When panic arose and we felt like it’s our end, we tend to forget that we are heading to a much better place and that we have a goal to achieve, a race to finish, a purpose to fulfill. The Israelites forget that they are heading to the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. They even forget who they are – God’s chosen people.

When relationships fail, when our hearts are broken, or when we feel that it’s better to die than to live, we cry out to God asking Him why He allowed such things to happen, and we even blame Him. We forget how special we are in His eyes, we pity ourselves, and we forget that we still have a future ahead of us. We lose the will to live, we lose focus and lose track, and we forget that God is still with us even when we are in our lowest.

In trying and crying times, isn’t it much better if we hold on to our destinations, our purposes, our identities, our hopes, and to God?

Sometimes, the reason why we fall is because we lack some things to hold on to. When the storms of life came and knock us down, instead of using our fingers in pointing to others the blame, why not use it to grasp and hold on to the littlest things that gives hope? Instead of focusing our eyes to perceived what we see as worst, why not fix it on a more beautiful one? And, instead on dwelling in every frustrating situation, why not pursue a much better destination?

If you can read this, then pretty sure you can do it!

If you can read this, then pretty sure you can do it!

When moving on seems hard to do and the worlds’ “Move On!” advice are just merely words, remember that God was the first one who said it. God did not said it because He was running out of words to say or it was the most common advice, but God said it because He wants us to look forward to His promises and press on towards the goal in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).

When we feel like there is no way for us, let us not forget that God parted a sea, just to provide a way for His people to move on.

God has made a way. He sent Jesus, the only way (John 14:6). We can move on with Jesus!

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