My Incredible Bosses and Why I Quit My 1st Job

Because it is graduation season again, I opted to post this article that I wrote for Starfish E-Magazine last year about my life after college. Here’s the original copy of it.


Incredible Bosses for faye

A graduates’ unknown path

After finishing college and holding on to that diploma, we moved on to pursuing a career. For some College degrees, like mine (BS Nursing), a licensure exam is needed to be passed for us to fully practice the chosen profession; the main challenge after being called a registered professional and having that license is seeking a job and sticking to it.

I finished College last April 2011 and took the Nursing Licensure Exams July in that same year. After two weeks at home doing nothing but waiting for the exam results, I got bored and decided to send my resume to a known recruitment site, Jobstreet. I also sent my resume to a known person in an HR Mall, then I received a phone call – a job offer. That’s how easy it was for me despite the fact that most College graduates are greeted with “Welcome to the population of unemployed” instead of “Congratulations”. In my case, I didn’t find a job, it found me.

When God leads the way

Art was my weakness since birth. I’m not good in drawing, colors and anything related to art. But despite this weakness, I never felt low about myself; I simply kept in mind that God didn’t want me to create art but to appreciate it.

During my job interview I was confident that I would get hired; anxiety only arose when I found out that I would be assigned to the Innovation + Design Group. That was the time that I asked God, “Why lead me to the area of my weakness?” I’m so used to being the best in the areas that I’d been in, but God simply reminded me that “The place where I call you, there your heart will be.” So I put my trust in God and everything went well.

Not just lucky but blessed

Many College graduates and even licensed professionals are still unemployed after a year of their graduation, while others are working in their second or third jobs. I attended a retreat last November 2011 together with new graduates like me; from them, I heard stories of how hard it was to find a job, how they survived the troubles in their unfriendly working environment, how mean and terrible their bosses are, how they quit their first jobs, and how they found a new one and how they wanted to quit again.

While listening to their whining stories about employment and workplace, I found myself in the position of being blessed. I am working in a company that is simply the best in its field; I’m working in a fantastic department where scratch becomes a masterpiece, thus the name Innovation + Design, and above all I’m working with people who are the best among their kind.

I may not use my license as a nurse working in this company; I may not practice what I learned in College, the board of nursing may considered me part of the underemployed for not practicing my profession, but I never regret all the days of my stay in this company, working with the people who are the best in my weakness.

God is indeed the one who sends me in this work. How did I know? It’s simple, I am blessed in here.

It’s worth it

In our department, there are only 4 of us who are not Architects among the 60 to 80 of them; but I never felt different neither a stranger to their world. There are times that I feel low or tired. To recharge, I simply remind myself that I may not be the great nurse behind a good doctor, but behind the Architects of the premium malls, residences and even cities is a supportive and cute nurse (cute is what they used to describe me).

February 2012 during the AYLC Alumni gathering for AYLC 2012, Mr. Simon Mossesgeld gives us his very famous talk about Servant Leadership; he asked us the question from a TV ad, “Bakit ka ba gumigising sa umaga? Is it worth waking up for?” From that moment, I knew my answer. I wake up every day to arrange the schedule of the Chief Architect and assist all the 80 architects in their work needs.

There are tough times, that it was hard to wake up at 4:30am to go to work, but every time I feel tardy, I simply say to myself: “Faye, bumangon ka, aayusin mo schedule ni JNL (my boss, the Chief Architect), papapirmahan mo mga plano, pag nadelay sila sa mga gagawin nila, matatagalan pa matayo yung mga bahay, paano na yung mga pamilya na titira doon?”  (Faye, get up, you need to fix the schedule of JNL, the plans are needed to be signed, when they get delayed, the construction of houses will be delayed as well, how about the families that will live in there?”) With these reasons and many others, I know that what I do in the office is worth waking up for.

When God used the Architects to reveal his masterplan for me

My bosses are indeed incredible at work. They are simply hardworking and they taught me one great thing – when at work, work; when at parties, party, when on travel, travel. This is my very first job, and they taught me to live a balanced life. I spent some unofficial trips with them. First is when we decided to hiked at Mt. Pulag, I was afraid of the cold weather up in the mountains, I was also afraid that I may faint along the way, but they never failed to tell me to go further until we reached the campsite. I survived that hike because I overcame those fears; they let me see the strength in me. We also had a weekend trip in Bicol, where we swim with the whalesharks; I was afraid of drowning, but they taught me to seize the moment.

Seeing these Architects draw, design and plan because that’s the way God designed them, is something I admired that makes me re-evaluate the master plan of God in me. I looked back to what my dreams are. I realized my strengths were covered by fear, fear that I’ve created. After months of contemplating and prayers, I decided to follow my passion, fulfill my long lost dream and overcome those fears.

There are lots of lessons I’ve learned from this job. It includes humility to serve others, working with pressure, and letting go even if it’s hard to leave a company of people like that. Quitting a job is never easy but I’m not afraid for my 2nd or my succeeding jobs because I’ve learned on my very first job that whatever company I work with its not always doing what I love but also loving what I do.

From my eight months journey as an employed individual, I’ve learned one great thing: Wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you work with, God has placed you there for a purpose. Obey His will and know thy purpose. My life had no direction after I took the Licensure Exams, but God placed me in a company of Architects whom He used to reveal His plans for me.

It’s been a year now after I finished College, but my life is not the same anymore. Yes, it took one year for me to fully find the track that I will take, but I enjoyed the travel and I’m looking forward to my now known destination. ■