#7 That Scenario

A frightening scenario and God’s comforting words…

After my adventure today, I head home straight. While stepping out of the tricycle, Cass (my 2-year-old cousin) welcomed me saying, “barbecue”. She doesn’t look hungry, yet she wants one. With some spare coins in my pocket, I bought her a grilled hotdog.

While we’re waiting for her “barbecue” which is a hotdog, I talked to God.

Me: “Good Lord, as much as I wanted a hand to hold for my mountain adventures, please give me the ability to feed a child first before giving me a boyfriend. Cass pleading looks did scare me. What if I didn’t have coins? How will I buy her a hotdog? What if Cass is already my child? That scares me God.”

God: “I know my plans for you. (Jeremiah 29: 11) Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10) I am the God who showered manna and quails for my people. (Exodus 16) Don’t worry my daughter, for I hold your future. (Matthew 6:34)

Me: I know God. Thanks for reminding. ♥



Today, I tried to do something beyond my comfort zone; I washed my clothes, and while making “kusot” (scrubbing) my board shorts, I feel God asking me,  “Do you know that I’m holding you at the palm of my hands?” (Isaiah 49:16)

Me: Yes, I know that very much God.

God: Do you know that I’m also holding and guarding your heart? (Philippians 4:7)

Me: Usapang lovelife ba to God? Maaga pa, but I know that. (Is this talk about my love life God? It’s still early, but I know that.)

God: Are you ready if I entrust it to a man? (Ruth 3:1-5)

Me: Not yet God, but as I said, it’s Your will, Your time, Your way, and Your man.

God: What if a man after my heart finds your heart with me? (Ruth 3:6-13) 

Me (anxious): Seriously? Where God?

God was silent, and I felt Him smiling at me. I flip my board shorts and “tadaaaah!” the brand appears “Wave Zone”

Me: (wishful thinking – Is he a surfer???) It’s wrong to assume God, but I trust in You.

God:  My faithful daughter, just always remember that my plans for you will prosper you and will not harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29: 11)

Me: Saka na yang lovelife God, labada muna ako now; struggle ko to eh.
(Let’s talk about love life next time God, let me have laundry for now; this is my struggle.)
God: For delighting in me in whatever season you are in, you will have the desires of your heart very soon. (Psalm 37:4)

Me: I know. I trust You, for You hold my heart and my life at the palm of Your hands. ♥


What If???

Book: Under Cover

Author: John Bevere

Where to Buy: I’m not sure if this is sold in leading bookstores, but I do see this book in Christian bookstores, try OMF.

I don’t have any plans of writing today; however, reading is part of my schedule and now I can’t help myself but write my reflections on this book that I’m currently reading.  I’m still in Chapter 2, which the author entitled, It’s hard to kick against the goads. In all honesty, I don’t know what that means until the author says that it was taken from the book of Acts talking about resistance to authority.

 The point of the author in this chapter is that God appoints all rulers. Now, this is where my thoughts are bothered. If God did appoint all rulers how come our former President who is now trialed for  cheating on elections won? Was she appointed by God too despite of the wrong manner of having her as President? What if the real winner won? What could have happened to the 6 years of having him as our President?

While holding on to that thought, I remembered  a picture of a real winner yet ended up losing as God has planned. The picture of the cross where the real winner was crucified.

What if Jesus won over Barabbas?

What if Jesus wasn’t crucified?

What if He did not die?

What if He wasn’t able to fulfill the redemption plans of God?

What if He was not able to prove Himself victorious in His resurrection?

In the end, God revealed the true winner in the resurrection of Christ. Victory comes after 3 days.

In the case of our country, I don’t know when this country and our government will finally share that kind of victory, but I know God has plans why He allowed her to be the President, and I’m more excited on the victory of this nation than to see her in jail.

Here is one of my favorite lines from the book,

“Just because it has been twisted by man doesn’t mean it wasn’t authored by God.”

We may have so many what if’s in mind right now but take heart and trust God for He knows why He allowed such things to happen. Indeed, in his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps (Proverbs 16:9). Whatever happened, He allowed it for His perfect plans. For everything God created is good and nothing is to be rejected (1 Timothy 4:4).