Pray for a Man who Prays

I’m writing this as I’m about to sleep after being prayed over by my fiancé on the phone. My heart is so full, that I just can’t contain how blessed I am to have someone praying for me and with me.

Exactly a month ago, my fiancé went back to his original mission assignment. Ever since the day he left, there is no morning that he missed waking me up with words of encouragement; there is no day that he missed saying “I prayed for you, Mahal”; and there is no night that he did not pray for me over the phone.

I’m not a prayerful woman. In fact, if there’s a ministry in church that I can’t join in that would be the intercessory. I’m not into lengthy prayers. I did not set a specific time for prayers, neither carry with me a list of prayers and petitions. But, I do make sure that I get to have a quiet time to pray and talk to God intently everyday.

Things changed when I started dating out my fiancé. With his line of work, as a Police Officer, I have become prayerful. I need to be his prayer warrior. But more than that, he is leading me closer to God, and I believe it’s enough reason to pray even more.

I’m also not a patient woman. I would easily lose my temper and snap over petty things. One time we were caught in a very stressful situation. I started ranting, complaining, and saying things negatively at my fiancé. Instead of firing back, he held my hand and started praying. I don’t know how to respond to that. Our situation turned upside down. I can’t help but thank him for pointing my focus back to God and not on our circumstances.

I like my fiancé’s cheesy lines, but I love his prayers more. Kilig will fade, but faith and love remains.

When things get tough, a man’s muscles will not guarantee his strength to carry on. But, a man’s faith is an assurance that he will not be shaken.

If you would ask me if I have a “prayerful” characteristic in my husband-to-be checklist, the answer is “no”. Shame on me. But, I’m thankful that God gave me the things I didn’t ask for in a man.

Ladies and Gents, don’t be like me; pray for someone who prays.

Prayer is the way we communicate to God. Isn’t it amazing to have someone who talks to God concerning you?


Swept Away

Some time last year, there was a man who handed me a beautiful rose. He did plan to surprise me with it, and I knew how much effort he exerts just to give me that. However, I wasn’t good at hiding my real feelings. When he gave me the long-stemmed, red rose, I was not at all surprise neither extremely glad to receive it. My face shows it all. He said he was hurt with my response. He was expecting that I would be very happy with the rose, but I was not.

Honestly, deep inside I was happy with his efforts in pursuing me, but I am not totally knocked off my feet with such gesture neither did I went head over heels with it.  A rose cannot easily sweep me away, even if it makes my heart smile.


As I reflect on the passion of Christ on the cross, it dawned on me that I have been swept away by a man crowned with thorns, a man who pursued me not with things in this world but with His very own life. What Jesus Christ did on the cross was more than enough for me to know my worth and that I am loved. It was the greatest expression of love that I have received. Who can beat that? No man ever, right?

I did appreciate all this man’s efforts for me though; it’s just that no man can ever sweep me off my feet like Christ did. I have been won by Jesus. I am swept away by His love, and no one can ever make me feel loved and glad more than what He has done.



So, to all the young ladies and single women reading this, I would like to encourage you to remind yourself that your worth is more than just a bouquet of beautiful roses. Don’t be easily swept away. Look at the man, who handed you those roses, does he reflect to you the Man who was crowned with thorns for your sake?

The Man named Jesus has long pursued you with His life. Let His love be your standard and basis of what love is. Again, be swept away by the eternal, unconditional love of Christ and not on the temporary, conditional love of this world. Not a bouquet of roses will ever satisfy you, only the Man crowned with thorns.

Not a bouquet of roses will ever satisfy you, only the Man who was crowned with thorns.