As I was running under the stars tonight for my 3rd jogging round in Sunken Garden, I saw a fire near the Lagoon, so I stopped to look what’s happening then I saw little Girls and Boys Scouts having fun around a bonfire. I run again because I felt some tears flowing down my eyes as I remembered my own Girl Scouts camping days in Compostela Valley and Davao provinces which are now devastated because of different calamities, but I had to stop running for tears are blocking my eyesight already.

I remembered Nehemiah who wept for Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:4), so I say a little prayer for my hometown then I asked God, Why do I have to cry again today?

God: “My daughter, you cry because you love. Your tears are worth it because you shed it for Me and your country.”

He then reminded me of other girls who cry for worthless men and reasons.

God: “Ram, you just love like my son, Jesus.” (Luke 19: 41)

I wiped the tears from my face, looked up, smiled at the stars, and say my praise to the one who is worthy of all my love and tears – Jesus, then I run again, and just like the Olympian, Eric Liddell says, “I feel His (God’s) pleasure as I run”.