Like A Sheep

A personal reflection on Psalm 23

We all know the character of a shepherd, someone selflessly provides his flock, someone who spends his entire thinking nothing but his sheep, someone who is willing to risk his life just to protects his flock.

I just wondered what’s with a sheep, why does it need a shepherd. As per my research, the characteristics of a sheep are:

1. They are foolish and slow to learn. In fact, what Google says about sheep is that they only know one thing – to eat grass.

2. A sheep is unattractive. They are dirty, smelly, and ugly for they can’t groom on their own. They lack agility and they don’t have a sense of dignity.

3. They are demanding and dependent. – They cry too much for their shepherd to be with them. They can’t live a day without someone looking after them.

4. A sheep is stubborn. One of the testimonies of someone who looks after animals says, “moving an elephant is easier than moving a sheep”.

5. They are unpredictable, and copycats. At times they want to be the grass then suddenly they would cross the streets like nomads. When one sheep cries, the other cries, and so on, and so forth.

6. A sheep is restless. They only have few hours of sleep. They wake up early and sleep late.

7. They are same anywhere. Dogs are variable in every state and country, even cows have a variety. But the sheep are the same everywhere.

8. They are straying. They easily get lost even if the only thing they have to do is to simply follow the shepherd and his flock, still some get lost.

Because God has been compared to a shepherd, I conclude that we, humans, are sheep!

Apart from God, we are foolish, unattractive, unpredictable, copycats, restless, and lost. Look at the sheep at the picture below, it can’t stand up on its own.

We are like that sheep, but Jesus saw us and He had compassion on us that he sees as a sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36).

Like a sheep, we can’t live without our shepherd. We all need God, our shepherd; and with Him, we will never be in want (Psalm 23:1) and surely goodness and love will follow us,  all the days of our life (Psalm 23:6).