Loving It

Three weeks of duty in the community, three weekends without gimiks, parties, night-outs, and happenings. Four days of exposure under the heat of the sun; walking, walking, and nonstop walking along the narrow, untidy, and smelly streets in our assigned community area while asking different individuals, searching for a good case to present.

In those days, I am my real self – no pretensions, no make-ups, no high heels, no accessories, just me.  I entered the houses of people whom I don’t know, yet I talk, laugh, and even eat with them. At first, I hate the concept of doing all these things, until I met a young little boy who hugs and kisses me every time I pass into their house. I performed a physical examination on him even if I don’t have to, I taught him how to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and fix his clothes. Only then I realized that I already have the compassion with what I am doing in the community.

The week after our community exposure was indeed a hell week filled with sleepless nights for brainstorming, preparations, case presentations, community diagnosis, and a defense that did stressed me out. Yes, I get stressed, pressured, became hot-tempered,I cried, lose hope, prayed, defended, passed, get ill, and get well. If I have to experience these things a million times just to be a good nurse then I am ready, for I already have the compassion.

Nursing. Is this really part of God’s plans for me? I pray and I hope so because I am starting to fall in love with it.