I am N.O.W.

N.O.W.  stands for No Other Woman

In just a year, there are almost 3  Philippine movies that shows  about adultery, being a mistress and the like. I am not against these movies, I watched the No Other Woman. (Maybe because it was the first movie that deals with this issue, I didn’t know that there will appear more. Philippine movies, how about you come up with a family-oriented one?).

Honestly, I was laughing while watching the N.O.W. (there is humor despite the immorality), yet there is one best thing that I realized from it –  I am educated, I have my dignity, I know my worth; and so I will never stoop down to the level of being a mistress or just another woman.

One of my favorite lines in the N.O. W. movie was the line of Carmi Martin that says, “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher.” 

I have my own version of that line, here it is – “Ang mundo ko ay parang Quiapo, maraming  santo na nakapalibot kay Nazareno.” 

Let me explain that line if you didn’t get my point. Jesus is a man who is from Nazareth, so He is the Nazarene (I’m not referring to the statue or figure.) For the saints, I once asked if who are the saints that are written in the Bible, and the answer that I believe in now is this – the saints are the people who believes and lives with Jesus as Lord and Savior; and in His holiness, we are made holy. (I will expound more on this when I go deeper in Theology.) So, my line simply says that my world is Jesus and the people who loves Jesus.  

How about you? Is your world filled with snatchers? or with Jesus and his saints?

If you think that the world can take away anything (worth, beauty, intelligence, possessions, loved ones, and your man) from you at any moment then be scared.  But, if your world revolves with a man named Jesus from Nazareth then be secured

Now, here comes my main point: We can find security in Jesus.

Want some evidence? Check on my 5 short-listed reasons below:

You are complete!

No man can ever complete and satisfy you, only God. He said, “You will be fed by my finest…I would satisfy you.” – Psalm 81:16

You look like God!

God created us in His own image and likeness– Genesis 1:27 So no woman should be looked at as a second choice or second best.

You are beautiful!

Nothing is wrong with your appearance. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. – Psalm 139:14 When you look at the mirror, who do you see? The fearful or the fearfully made? You don’t need any compliment or praise from a man to feel admired and adored.

You are an heiress! You are a princess!

We are the child of God. Now if we are children, then we are heirs–heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ -Romans 8:17. We are heiresses, royalties, princesses, dignified, and respected, so why let any man step down on your highly valued dignity and status?

You are worth it!

There may be a thousand men in this world that can give you all the things you desire and would like to have, but ask that man if he is willing to give his life for you, maybe that man will think twice. Remember this, While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.-Romans 5:8 Imagine that love? While we were still unlovable, He love us that He gave His life for us. You are worth a life! So never let any man make you feel unlovable, you are worth it.

You are no other woman, for you are a woman of God.

I am sorry if I can just write 5 out of the thousand ways on how God shows and proves that every woman shouldn’t be just another woman.

I just want to share here a question from God on adultery.

Why be captivated, my son, by an adulteress? Why embrace the bosom of another man’s wife? – Proverbs 5:20 

For the women, let me change it, Why be captivated, my daughter, by an adulterer? Why embrace the bosom of another woman’s husband?

I have my own answers to that question already, how about you? Answer God.